Bahria Heights

Bahria Heights

Bahria Heights Offers A Completely Unique Concept!

Bahria Heights is a unique community concept that offers luxury environment in a fully integrated lifestyle. The apartments are designed in a neighbourhood concept with each block consisting of 4 identical buildings. Each block offers its own amenities and facilities, and a central courtyard enclosed within serving as a secure playground for children.Modern and chic 2 bedroom apartments in Bahria Heights are suitable for all kinds of families, and provide an easy access to all lifestyle facilities such as commercial areas, gym, spa, restaurants, mini-golf and much more.

Features / Amenities

  • • 24/7 Complete Security
  • • Commercial Areas
  • • Gym
  • • Spa
  • • Restaurant
  • • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • • Secured Play Area in Each Block
  • • Large Car Parking Areas

The Most Luxurious Appartments In Town!

Bahria Town Karachi launched Bahria Heights Karachi which are known as the most luxurious apartments in Pakistan, and now the bookings have been opened. Bahria Heights are limited to 2 bedroom luxury apartments (1100 sq ft.). It has been designed on a neighborhood concept, offering a lavish lifestyle. Modern & Plush 2 bedroom luxury apartments are ideal for families.Bahria Heights Karachi is wonderful apartment's project in Bahria Town Karachi.

Outstanding Commercial And Residential Apartments:

It is an outstanding project of commercial shops and residential apartments. Bahria Heights is a unique community concept that offers luxury environment in a fully integrated lifestyle.24/7 security at Bahria Heights gives you a sense of peace of comfort to live life without worry.

Uninterrupted Maintenance Issues:

Uninterrupted electricity, around the clock maintenance and all other Bahria Town services, make Bahria Heights an ideal location for a comfortable life.Bahria Heights Karachi, launched by Bahria Town Karachi in 2014, are the Pakistan’s most luxurious apartments where every amenity is already present to make the lifestyle comfortable and serene. Bahria Heights is a novel society idea that offers a luxury environment in a fully integrated lifestyle.

Modern And Chic Appartments:

Modern and chic 2 bedroom apartments in Bahria Heights are suitable for all types of families and supply quick access to all or any lifestyle facilities.Bahria Town Karachi is a benchmark within the landscape of Karachi with its world-class excellent-planned society.

Introduction To New Community Benchmarks:

This society is sketched with an area concept to supply outstanding lifestyle facilities to its residents and can introduce new benchmarks of community development in Karachi. Bahria Town Karachi has launched and completed, with possession delivery, many projects. Bahria Town is a city within a city.Bahria Heights Towers are scattered between different precincts in the ideal location in the vicinity of Bahria Town Karachi.

Eight Towers In Bahria Town:

These are eight towers in Bahria Heights; Tower A to Tower H which are in different completion phases.Bahria Heights Karachi is ideally located in the heart of Bahria Town Karachi. Bahria Heights is located extremely close to Ashar Fountain and Malik Riaz’s Private Helipad and enjoys proximity to a cluster of recreational sites and eateries, including RaihaCinegoldPlex, McDonald’s, and Bahria Adventure Land. This community is also connected with a huge network of roads for easy access to other areas. Midway Mosque and Grand Jamia Mosque are situated just 12-15 minutes’ drive away while Medical and healthcare facilities such as Bahria International Hospital are 2.5 km away.

Amazingly Sketched Appartments:

The apartments are sketched in a community concept with each block consisting of 4 identical buildings. Each block offers its own amenities and facilities, and a central courtyard enclosed within serving as a secure playground for youngsters.The ground floor of Bahria Heights Tower consists of shops and apartments with a children playground in the center with lush green grass and beautiful atmosphere.Floor 1-9 are covered with 2 bedroom apartments with different sizes to cater the needs of different clients. Bahria Heights apartments are best for the residence of families.

International Standards Are Met:

Bahria Town Karachi Heights are offering number of facilities that are of international standard. From basic to luxurious needs, Bahria Height is featuring every facility possible so that the residents and investors have a world-class experience. There are two different designs of architecture of the apartments for different needs and requirements of residents. Although the covered area is same of 1100 sq. ft. approx. but the layout of the apartments is change. Everyone can choose according to their needs and wants.The outer apartments overlook the Jinnah Avenue while the inner apartments overlook the beautiful view of Grand Jamia Masjid.

Most Demanded Appartments In Bahria Town Karachi:

Bahria Heights Karachi are the most demanded apartments in Bahria Town Karachi and are completely sold out now. But these apartments are available for sale by many new owners. The prices of these apartments have increased a lot now.The compound of the towers is completely developed with carpeted roads, green lanes around the roads, street lights etc. are already present.Bahria Height is Pakistan’s very first luxurious apartment’s tower. Its rates are ever increasing and prices have increased almost 10-15 Lacs after Eid-ul-Fitr, 2021. It shows how much demand it has gathered.

Avail The Golden Opportunity:

It is a golden opportunity for both investors and residents who want to own a property in a posh area without hurting their pockets.As the development is quite fast paced it is advised to the clients that they should grab this golden opportunity before the time passes and prices increase even more. Bahria Heights is not only golden opportunity for residents but also for the business people who want to open their shops in Karachi.

Your Business Plans Have A Way Now!

They have a wonderful opportunity to open their shops of pharmacy and medical store, grocery shops or even juice corners.The apartments of Bahria Heights look down upon the beautiful and picturesque views of Grand Jamia Masjid and the rest of Bahria Town Karachi.

We Provide You The Best Consultation In Town!

So what are you thinking of? Don’t wait and grab the golden opportunity.So, don’t miss this golden opportunity and book your apartment in Bahria Heights today with Estate Arts. We provide you better consultations for your real estate matters. After the launch of Bahria Town Karachi, another unique internal community project is here. Bahria Heights has modern 2 bedroom apartments that provide comfort and luxury with an outdoor environment perfect for the families.

Lifestyle Facilities At An Easy Access:

All lifestyle facilities such as famous dining houses, gym, spa, mini-golf, etc., are easily accessible to the residents. The project is inspired by Bahria town another luxury project Bahria Apartments fully decorated and well furnished. With all the basic facilities that every living one is looking for.Bahria Heights is built on neighbourhood concept as each block has four identical buildings and a central courtyard suitable for children’s activities.

Ideal Appartment Planning:

Each apartment has an identical and ideal floor plan that easily suits the needs of an average family. Each apartment will consist of:

  • • 2 Bedroom
  • • Wide Balcony
  • • Kitchen
  • • Living Room
  • • Store Room
  • • Attached Bathrooms


Bahria Heights is located near Grand Jamia Mosque and will be on a five minutes’ drive from Cineplex cinema, 5 Star hotel and an International Theme Park.