Bahria Town

Bahria Paradise

Bahria Paradise Present You The First Community Style Housing Scheme In Pakistan:

Pakistan’s first lifestyle community developed around a huge 32 acre green area inspired by Central Park. Ideally located in the vicinity of Grand Jamia Masjid in Bahria Town Karachi, Bahria Paradise features 250, 500, 1000 square yard residential plots along with 500 square yard Luxury Villas with approx. 4700 square feet covered area including servant quarter within a boundary wall in a gated community. Bahria Paradise Karachi, Pakistan’s first lifestyle community developed around a huge green area inspired by Central Park, New York with a replica of Taj Mahal. Ideally located in the vicinity of Grand Jamia Masjid in Bahria Town Karachi.The Bahria Paradise Karachi at that location give’s the perfect view for the residents there

250, 500, 1000 Square Yard Residential Plots

500 square yard Luxury Villas with approx. 4700 square feet covered area including servant quarter within a boundary wall in a gated community

  • • Possession in 2 years
  • • Installment Plan 4 Years

Park Features:

  • • Green & Serene Landscape
  • • Playgrounds with Walking & Jogging Tracks
  • • Skating Rink & Cycling Pathway
  • • Children Park with Rides
  • • Lake
  • • Flower Gardens
  • • Open Air Theater

Community Features:

  • • Bahria Fountain
  • • Bahria Night Safari &Bahria Adventure Theme Park
  • • 36- Hole PGA Standard Golf Course
  • • Carnival Area & New Horizon Restaurant
  • • Roots Millennium School & world-class Saudi German Hospital

It Meets International Standards:

Bahria Paradise is a newly launched upscale residential project of Bahria Town Karachi. It is designed after “Central Park New York” by the expert town planners. The project comprises 13 residential blocks, i.e. from precinct 46 up to precinct 58. It offers 250 sqy, 500 sqy and 1000 sqy residential plots as well as 500 sqy luxury villas on 4 years instalments plan.As the name suggests, Bahria Paradise is essentially going to be the most beautiful project resembling a mundane paradise. The development work is going on at rapid pace, and most of the initial infrastructure development work has already been completed in most of the area earmarked for this project.

Major Attractions:

The major attraction of Bahria Paradise Karachi is the central park, that is located in precinct 54. It is made to be the central point of Paradise connected by circular roads leading to all parts of the community.The central park will mainly comprise lush green landscapes, orchards and lakes surrounded by residential and commercial settlements. This is a unique living experience which is being featured for the first time in Pakistan by Bahria Town.Bahria Paradise will also feature a Taj Mahal monument which is going to be an iconic addition to the architectural excellence of Bahria Town. The Taj Mahal monument is planned in precinct 56, which comprise 1000 sqy residential plots. Bahria Town Karachi is still a developing story. Therefore, you can expect many more stupendous development projects and amenities in the years to come.

Ideal Location:

Bahria Paradise is ideally located in the close vicinity of Grand Jamia Masjid. It starts from right at the back of Precinct 16 and extends up to Precinct 28. Its distance from super highway entrance is around 4 kms, which is a more appealing factor driving attention of investors.Prices of plots and villas are quite high in Bahria Paradise, however payment schedule is quite flexible i.e. 4 years instalment plan. Especially Villa price is abnormally high, which also indicates that these villas will have very high standards of construction with exquisite elevation and exotic fittings.

Bahria Paradise Villas:

Bahria Paradise 500 SQY Luxury Villas consist of approx. 4700 square feet covered area with 5 bedrooms and a servant quarter within a boundary wall. These villas are located in Precinct 51, which lies next to the central park.

Invest In Bahria Paradise Now:

Bahria Paradise Karachi is a hot selling item in the real estate market of Karachi. Since it is available on instalments, there is a large pool of potential buyers who prefer to buy residential plots in Bahria Paradise. profit rates vary according to location and category of a certain size of plot. At Estate Arts we are here to make sure that our customers can avail such amazing opportunities at will. Another of our responsibilities is to ensure that you understand each and every thing about a property investment – whether it’s your dream home of the future or an investment that can help you fulfill your dreams.Property gurus are speculating a sharp rise in the prices of plots and villas in Bahria Paradise in the coming weeks.There are many things small scale builders and property dealers have been trying to do in order to capture a good enough share of the market.

We Deliver The Best!

Bahria, the largest property developers in Pakistan, and almost South Asia, has always tried to deliver the best possible service at the most attractive cost.With the belief that services such as power supply without disturbance, peace and security without an added cost, health and recreation facilities that are accessible to each and every citizen are rights that should never be ignored, Bahria brings to the people what no one else has ever thought of: a community worth being proud of.Bahria Paradise is not another Bahria Town.

Bahria Paradise Is Your Gateway To A Mini Paradise:

The primary idea behind Bahria Paradise is to experiment with extreme facilitation. The idea is to have an even more perfect mini Bahria Town within the already existing Bahria Town.On one hand, Bahria Paradise will have all Bahria Town Karachi facilities as the ground-zero, while on the other it will enhance the plans for this new mega project in order to create an altogether different and special experience. Bahria Paradise is located in Precinct-16, Bahria Town Karachi. It’s a mere 4km from the Super Highway. The location of Bahria Paradise makes is again a result of the exclusive planning for this new venture.

Well Planned Communities:

Having the world’s third largest mosque right in front, Bahria Paradise is also in close proximity of exciting attractions. Situated at the entrance, precincts 47 and 48 of Bahria Paradise are the locations where most work is in progress. Bahria town has been providing the citizens of Pakistan with a complete living experience since 1996. Various projects that have been launched by Bahria town are one of a kind. The well-planned communities in various cities across Pakistan provide not only the basic necessities for a living but a lot more than that. From cinemas to sports centers, from mosques to parks and from schools to shopping malls, you will find everything here.Like all the previous Bahria town projects, Bahria Paradise has a number of attractions also for not only its residents but for people from all over the country.

You Don’t Want A Boring Life Style? Don’t Worry Bahria Paradise Is Here For You!

Like all the previous projects of Bahria town, Bahria Paradise will not only provide a complete living experience to its residents, but it will have a large number of attractions due to which the interest of investors and buyer’s is increasing every day.Bahria town is known for the perfection that they bring in various landmarks that have been constructed in its previous projects like the grand Jamia mosque Lahore, Eiffel tower in Lahore, Eiffel tower in Karachi and numerous others.The precinct 54 of Bahria paradise will have the central park. This park will be an exact replica of the central park in New York, spanning on a large area of 64 acres, which will serve as a great tourist spot and a great spot to spend quality time with family on weekends and on other holidays. This park has been developed in the heart of Bahria Paradise with careful planning. As the access to this park will not only be limited to only the residents but to people from all over Pakistan, there always will be traffic problems. Therefore, keeping in consideration the traffic problem, it will be accessible easily by 3 main roads that are Paradise Avenue (200 ft. wide), Quaid Avenue (150 ft. wide) and Sir Syed Avenue (120 ft. wide) roads.


Apart from the 18.5 acres 5 star hotel in the Central Park, it will have the following attractions:

  • • Flower Gardens
  • • Untermeyer Fountain
  • • Harlem Lake
  • • Recreational Center
  • • Central Park Zoo
  • • Onassis Reservoir
  • • Amusement Park
  • • Museum and various others also
Another main attraction of Bahria Paradise will be the replica of Taj Mahal, just like the one in Agra, India. This will be located in the 56th precinct. This project will cover a large area of 17.35 acres with the Taj Mahal building in 2.28 acres of land. Apart from this, there will also be a guest house and a mosque that will be built there. To avoid any unfavourable situations a large parking covering an area of 7.08 acres of land will also be provided adjacent to the Taj Mahal.

All Basic To Advanced Necessities Covered!

Like all the other projects of Bahria town, Bahria Paradise will also provide all the basic necessities to its residents. This includes 24-hour security system, uninterrupted power supply, underground wiring, schools, mosques, commercial areas, sports and recreational facilities, night safari and adventure parks, hospitals and graveyards so that you have a complete living experience.