Midway Commercial

Midway Commercial

Midwa Commercial Is The Most Lucrative Project In Bahria Town Karachi:

Midway Commercial Bahria Town Karachi, one of the most lucrative project which is redefining the commercial spaces of Pakistan. The ideal location makes it the best commercial location. It already hosts multiple business and retail shops.Commercial property in Bahria Town Karachi is in high demand, just like residential property. Bahria Town Karachi, as a master-planned housing society, provides a diverse range of commercial investment opportunities; however, Midway Commercial is one of the best.

Present At An Ideal And Prime Location:

Midway-Commercials is located in Karachi, Bahria City, in a prime spot. These commercials are located in front of Precinct 6. One of the most prominent features of these commercials is that Bahria Town’s headquarters are located in the heart of this commercial center, with the office facing the majority of the available plots. Bahria Town Karachi has recently introduced Liberty commercials, which are also located near Midway Commercial. A and B are the two sides of Midway. In these commercials, you’ll find 125-square-foot commercial plots. Ground +06 floors can be built on limited-size commercial parcels, but Ground +08 floors can be built on larger commercial parcels available in Midway Advertisements, according to the Bahria Administration.

Midway Advertisment Broadcast:

Midway advertisements were first broadcast in 2014, and the payment schedule is as follows:

  • Total Price: 1.50 Crore
  • Down Payment: 35 Lac
  • Qtr. Installments: 14.375 Lac x 8
These commercials are ly selling for a lot of money. Especially in B block, the area opposite the head office is selling for more than 1.5 crore profit, and in A block, the area next to the theme park with large parking is selling for more than 1.5 crore profit. Other plots in usual locations are selling for 70 lacs or more, which is a significant profit in such a short time.

Invest In Midway Commercial Now And Stop Worrying About Your Future!

Midway Commercial provides you with the best investment opportunity. For the plots available, purchasing and making a good profit is strongly advised. You can invest and then sell the plot after it has been built, start your own company because the location is appealing, or rent out a square, offices, or shops.If you have any questions about the Midway Commercial area, please contact The Estate Arts by email or the phone numbers mentioned on our website. Midway Commercial is one of the most lucrative projects in Bahria Town Karachi which offers 5 marla (30×40) commercial plots with 2 year installment plan.

The Most Profitable Business In Town Calls You!

Commercials in bahria town have always been a most profitable commodity where profits can range from 1 crore up to 3 crore depending on location of the commercial plots.Midway commercial area is ideally located right next to International Theme Park just along Precinct 4, Precicnt 6 and Precinct 9. There are two blocks of Midway commercial namely Block A and Block B. Block A is starts after the Theme Park whereas Block B starts after the Headoffice of Bahria Town Karachi.Currently these commercials are selling at high profits. Especially the area opposite to headoffice in B block and the area next to theme park with large parking in A block is selling at more than 1.5 crore profit.Other normal location plots are selling at 70+ lacs profit which is quite high in such a short period. However, there is still much more room for growth in Midway as constructions have not started yet.

Features / Amenities

  • • Bahria Town Karachi’s most ideal location for commercial activity
  • • Ideally located, at the confluence of Jinnah Avenue
  • • Booming commercial activity
  • • Masjid-e-Sarwar

Redefines The Standards Of Luxury:

Midway CommercialBahria Town Karachi, one of the most lucrative project which is redefining the commercial spaces of Pakistan, and this is your chance to become a part of one of the most prime commercial locations in the country.Commercial Plots are Ready for Possession.Booking of Midway Commercial Plots in Bahria Town Karachi is open now on one year installment plan and on “first come first served” basis. It is a world class commercial avenue in the main commercial hub near main office of Bahria Town Karachi. Limited number of 5 marla commercial plots are available.Construction height limit is 72 feet. Possession will be given within 6 months. Ideal investment option for offices, showrooms and supplies!

Ample Opportunities To Grow Your Investment At A Posh Are In Karachi!

The city offers ample opportunities to grow your investments within a little time. Located in posh area of Karachi, we foresee a huge footfall for your business.Bahria Town Karachi is a master plan project initiated & managed by Bahria Town Pvt Ltd, offering world-class infrastructure. Situated just 25 minutes’ drive from Jinnah International Airport & 9 km from Super Highway Toll Plaza, Bahria Town Karachi is one of its kind community having 5-star international hotel, Pakistan largest shopping mall, tech-savvy security services, educational institutes & sports facilities.

From Schools To Eateries, Bahria Has It All!

Bahria International Hospital & Roots Millennium School is operating in the premises. Eateries such as McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut are also present in Bahria Town Karachi. Bahria Town Karachi is a land of vogue and elegance that has the finest commercial shops, for both rent and for buying, that you can find in Pakistan. Here, every unit weaves the contemporary in leisure and let you live the most upbeat lifestyle with serene surroundings.Commercial shops in Bahria Town Karachi have always increased the worth of the area they are located in. This tells how important the commercial shops are for the Bahria Town Karachi.

Budget Friendly Commercial Shops Are Also Prresent At Bahria Town Karachi:

There are several opportunities for the commercial shops available for rent in Bahria Town Karachi that are both budget friendly and are best to start or expand your own business for those who cannot afford to buy their own commercial shops at the moment.These commercial projects are best for the people who want to open up their new businesses in this society. The commercial shops and commercial plazas are gaining a lot of attention and can easily gain new customers. This can easily benefit the business owners into having huge returns.

Employment Opportunities Are Not Overlooked:

Bahria Town commercial shops are generating lots of employment opportunities that are helping lots of people generate money to feed themselves and their families. Increase in employment also uplifts the living standards of the employees. They can easily afford the things they want with in their economic range. This positive aspect of employment generation also helps in making the economy stable. We can see how commercial shops and plazas in just Bahria Town can create such positive impact. Midway Commercial is one of the most lucrative projects of Bahria Town Karachi which is redefining the commercial spaces of Pakistan.

Launching Of Midway Commercial:

The ideal location, at the junction with Jinnah Avenue, makes it the best commercial location. It already hosts multiple business and retail shops in its commercial plazas. Midway commercials were launched in 2014 and in just 7 years it is the main commercial area of the society that already has the commercial activity at boom. idway Commercials offers 5 Marla (30×40) commercial plots. Midway Commercial feature two sides: A and B. In these commercials, 125-square-foot commercial shops are found. Ground +06 floors were initially allowed by the Bahria Management to be built, but now Ground +08 floors are also allowed in Midway Advertisements, according to the Bahria Administration. Two additional floors have increased the number of commercial shops that can be used for the start of a new business or can be used for expansion. Either way, this was a great step.

Head Over To Midway Commercial Now For The Most Luxurious Experience:

Midway Commercials are ideally located in the heart of Bahria Town Karachi, in front of Precinct 6. The main gate is located at just a drive of 13 minutes via Jinnah Avenue. Bahria Town’s headquarters are located in the heart of this commercial center, making it more attractive.Midway Commercial is amongst the most gainful and profitable projects of Bahria Town Karachi. This project offered 5 marla commercial plots. Its size is (30×40) with a plan of 2 year installments. Commercials projects in Bahria Town had always been a most lucrative commodity. Profits can range from 1 crore up to 3 crore, in these projects, depending on location of projects and as well the commercial plots.

The Estate Arts Await Your Presence To Guide You In The Best Of Ways!

Midway commercial is located on right very next toInternational Theme Park. It is along precinct 6, recinct 4 and precinct 9. Midway commercial has two blocks namely Block A and Block B. Whereas Block A starts after the International Theme Park while Block B starts right after the Head Office of Bahria Town Karachi. Here, shops of different layouts and sizes are available for rent.These commercials are being sold at high profits currently. The area next to international theme park having large parking in Block-A is selling at more than a profit of 1.5 crore rupees. The area opposite to the head office in Block-B is also being sold at the profit of more than 1.5 crore rupees. Profit rate in other general locations is about 70+ lacs rupees that are surely a quite high profit margin in a short period.